About Me

Hi there! My name is Bri Cook I am the owner of Bri Burkhart Photography. I am a traveling photographer based out of Lakeland, FL. I have been a photographer for over a decade and love every moment of my job. I have a dog and 2 birds and I am a foster momma for homeless fur babies and recently a new mom to a little human as well! If you have not noticed I am a HUGE animal lover. So bring your fur babies along! I received my degree from University of South Florida (GO BULLS!) in Advertising with a specialization in Art & Design. I am married to my highschool sweetheart. I'm a lover of love, I believe in the power of kindness and a good laugh. I am an inclusive photographer & a safe space so come as you are!

I know how uncomfortable having your picture can be, but my goal is to make your session a fun and easy experience that feels effortless. Upon booking your session you will be provided with tips and tricks to prepare your session. I will help you style and choose the perfect location! My photography style is a mix of candid and posing. I will start you off with poses to get you comfortable and encourage you to move and interact until you feel confident enough to move around yourself!

I hope to talk to you soon!